Healthy Life. My tips and tricks

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Before doing all these tips and tricks, please check with your Doctor.
Exercise in the morning 5 times a week at least 30 minutes per day, take antioxidants and alkaline diet.
The body has regular daily cycles from 6 am o 2 pm, elimination f body wastes and food debris.
Fruit and vegetable juices re basic ingredients of the diet called " elimination".
Vegetable juices accelerate the elimination process and set aside the necessary elements for the renewal of blood, bones and tissues.
Always consume fruit and vegetable juices with an empty stomach. Fruit juices the body and vegetable juices e the builders and regenerators. 
Combination of Healthy Juices
3 carrots  1 fennel
3 carrots 1 apple
3 carrots 3 green cabbage leaves
3 carrots 1 Tomato
1 apple 1 pear 1 orange
1 apple 1 orange 2 strawberries
1 apple 1 orange 1 banana
The exercise regulates body fat. The muscles are the motor where the fat is burned.
The bone structure needs continuous resistance to generate one tissue.
Constipation and glucose malfunction is due to being sedentary.
Reduce blood pressure.
Exercise reduces the possibility of cancer. 
Weight training increases muscle mass, increases the amount of glutamine in the  immune system, which is achieved with weight training:
A) Increase and maintain muscle mass 
B) Maintains the cardiovascular system
C) Maintains Flexibility

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