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The Story of my life is really long.
But I'll start when my life started to change 6 years ago, because of my choices and decisions.
Hi, my name is Vero {my Argentinian nickname and in the Italian language means Truth}. I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I have 34 years old, people just open their mouth when I say my age and I laugh lots, why? because they can't believe how young I look like :) 
In 2014 I decided with my Husband Juanito Bernardo to start travelling around the world, was really scary but excited at the same time, we sell everything in Argentina, we arrived in New Zealand, Auckland our first destination with suitcases, I know I know I was a backpacker, but for me are to heavy and uncomfy ... so for me was suit packing :P hahaha, we spent a year over there was the most amazing time in my life, was my school, I leant to surf over there, was a bit to much cold for me. I started there searching with all my heart something crafty, passionate enough and with a purpose to be able to work one day in my own Company.
After that we went on a holiday trip to Thailand, I just love it so much there, we spent 1 month and a half and we flew to the Gold Coast, Surfers Paradise, Australia to live another adventure, starting working in the farm to be able to extend our visa ... Holly molly ... I really didn't want it to work on a farm, but I have to admit was the best experience in my life. I packed avocado in Ravensbourne, probably you heard about this small tiny place, which I really loved. 
My closest neighbour was a brown cow and a noise koala, it was my first and amazing experience near a Koala, Australian people said I was lucky to be able to see a Koala and to live close to him.
To tell the long story short we keep on going for another 4 years working in jobs we didn't like it that much, but we have done everything to be able to stay in Australia, today our Home Sweet Home. 
In all these years I was searching and searching what I can do for a living? I was searching for something I feel alive every day, something that makes me happy and with purpose, because of during all these years I heard people complaining, grumpy and not really happy with their lives and I didn't understand why? 
I got you, I know life is taught, but what I leant was life is taught if you focus goes in that direction, life is not happy if you live in autopilot following everybody else expectations, life is not worthy at all if you're not living the life your brain is telling you to live. 
For that and more reasons I Designed with all my heart Be Mindfulness, We as humans we need to see to Believe, so Be Mindfulness Affirmations in the level of the candle jar help you to read, to see, to focus, to rethink, is really the life I want to live? Is this one the life I dreamed about? If the answer is not, 10 minutes with our candle range, even if you don't like or you don't know to meditate, 10 minutes for you, to smell a delightful fragrance, read all the affirmations and just breathing with your eyes closed I warranty you will change, you will live the life of your dreams and one of your expectations, not pleasing anybody else.
Following always your heart. Being kind, a solved problem, taking action to live life, not waiting for the right opportunity to arrive at you, being uncomfy in your comfort zone, because is really your enemy. 
I create Be Mindfulness alone, I'm the soul, heart, body and brain in everything I do. I'm far away from my family and friends. I don't receive any support from no one and a lot of times I feel really alone, in pain, not knowing which route was the correct to keep going.
For me was a huge step to take action and decide to rent a space at Westfield, but you know if a gigantic Shopping and is full of opportunity and is a dream come true to be able with my funny English after 6 years of travelling working in 2 jobs, because I was in a famous Makeup Warehouse around St Peters and Working for Be Mindfulness, my company, was really tiring and  taught but when things meant to be for you, they just arrive at the best time.
I quit in August the awful warehouse job {even if I went there smiling, you know after long time working there, you just want something else, is really boring and repetitive and I use to work double but earning of course as one, but I has to be able to work, I don't have any skills or certificates to find a job fast in Australia, for that reason I need it to shine in the best way I know, working hard and a lot. 
I was really sad because I leave that job with no intention to quit forever, I have had another job opportunity but when I make the decision for the change they just told me we will move our location from Sydney to Cairns and I was really super happy making the change but was not possible. 
The Universe has everything ready for you when you know pretty much what you want but you're not 100% sure, the universe, God or Whoever you believe help and organise things to make it happen. Since March, someone from 100 Square contacted me to have a chat about Be Mindfulness, my expectations and their thoughts regarding my brand, they liked my products and they told me the idea to bring Be Mindfulness to 100 Square, by that time I was not ready for that. I was in the middle of paperwork and documents to apply for a Permanent Residence visa, so I was really happy about their contact with me but I couldn't see myself into that.
After that, I started to meditate with one of our candle range, Believe, because I need it to Believe in me in my abilities to just be me, the affirmations for Believe are Green Supports *Balance * Harmony *Nature *Communication *Social *Acceptance. If you follow my IG account you will remember all the meditations I post in the Story with Believe.
I went to my country for holidays, knowing it was the possibility to organise something for 100 Square at Westfield Miranda and I was available now to make that happens and I did.
I put myself into the most terrifying, scary and exciting decision in my life.
Like Nelson Mandela said: I Never lose I win or Learn.
If you are like me, you like your home smell amazing all the time, sitting candles everywhere, Be Mindfulness one's got your back, we warranty 3 times more fragrance and they look gorgeous for Christmas decoration, having double benefit to make you focus your thinking in Have Power, Simplicity, being Grateful, Believe, Enjoy, Inspire and Love life, your life.
They come in a lovely Gift Box ready for your Christmas Tree.
My wish for this Christmas is being able to reach thousands of lovely humans who want to live the life in their terms.
Be Mindfulness can help you, it did with me and a lot more of loyal customers who want it to change something in their lives.
By the way, we have the best quality soy candle range with 3 times more fragrance.
We're located near Big W. Come and say Hi! 
We have a free gift for all.
Thank you so much for being part of the Family.
Be Mindfulness - Westfield
Be Mindfulness.

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