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A wandering mind is incapable of maintaining attention to what is important, it is mind that is jumping from one place another, victim of all the impulses that "others" end from the outside and disturb their interior.
The chain of habits are too light to feel until they are o strong to break.
-Warren Buffett.
Motivation and decisions initiate with action and change, but only few habits maintain them. We are the result of our habits; when we change our habits, we change our life.
Christmas is in 2 days so be able to open your heart and just flow and be yourself.
Remember you have only one chance to live your best life.
Be Mindfulness candles that change everything. 
We are all about living better. 
We’re today at Westfield until Midnight and tomorrow until 6 pm. 
Hurry up we are until 31/12 at Westfield Miranda, 2nd floor in front of Portmans.

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