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Spiritual Totem animals, insects, colours and their meaning.

Evolution Monarch Butterfly BM
Monarch butterflies are one of my favourites, certainly is because when I lived in New Zealand in 2014, I've had the opportunity to connect with nature in his maximum expression with the beautiful opportunity of watching the evolution of a butterfly and I just love all the way. 

Watch a caterpillar eating the swan plant super fast, build it's own cocoon/ pupa, take about 10-14 days and the process slows down in cool weather. When the cacoon/ pupa is ready to hatch the shell will be transparent and you can see the dark colours of the butterfly's wings folded up inside.

Cycle of Monarch Butterfly BM

They need around 30 minutes to 2 hours for a butterfly's wings to completely dry. Right now this monarch is extremely vulnerable to predators because it is not yet able to fly.
draining the wings BM
The spiritual meaning of the Monarch Butterfly:
They radiate inspiration, beauty and tenderness.
They fly gracefully but slightly. Seeing a monarch buterfly is a sign from your guardian angel. They want to remind you of their presence. Your guiding celestial beings sent the monarch butterfly your way as a sign that you are on the right path and your angels are guiding you and protecting you.
⭐️A sign of rebirth and transformation ⭐️
And in my experience was totally true I was in New Zealand with a Working Holiday Visa, my school before coming to gigantic Australia and keep transforming myself and life, people around, living far away from home, family and friends, and was true, I felt and believe I'm in my right path.

Monarch Butterfly Ready to live life BM
What about you? Have you seen a butterfly and wondering the meaning of its transformation? 
You can pay attention now, after reading this post and now what the butterfly wants to tell you. 
I was a super fan of butterflies, now I'm in love and it's one of my favourites. 
In Sydney now I was seeing a pair of two super bright turquoise colourful butterflies happily flying together around and I was delightful watching them and I find them only in Queensland is weird seeing them here in Sydney (I will talk about them in another post).

Leave your comment below and tell me more about butterflies, your favourites ones and what do you think about this connection with nature, do you like it, did you search for the meaning before? 

Thank you for following my hobby passion job, much much appreciate it you read it till the end.

Hope you wait with a lot of excitement in my next post.

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