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There is a Japanese practice that involves repairing ceramic fractures with gold resing, which speak directly to all of us to tell us that "Sometimes defects can become the greatest virtues".
Every day we hear a lot of metaphors that are related to life, in fact, I think they have become a trend in social networks: but nevertheless, this wound is one with which we can all relate.
The world is responsible for craking, filling us with small and large wounds, or fissures, and that is where we decide if we want to learn from them and exhibit
them so that others also understand us a little more.
In this case, the wound becomes an occasion to face the world. I believe that no one has raised this metaphor with such beauty, with such clarity, as the Japanese in the art f Kuntsugi (or Kuntsukuroi).  
Kintsugi is the Japanese practice of repairing ceramic fractures with varnish or resin sprinkled with gold.
It states that breakages and repairs re part f the history of an object and should be shown instead of hidden.
Thus, by showing its transformation, the scars embellish the object.
The poet Rumi said that "A wound is a place where light enters".
In this philosophy, there is something almost dramatically opposed to the way we (in the west) see the fracture, both emotionally and materially. Instead of a broken object stop serving and discard it, its function becomes another: an active message. The broken object goes from being a thing to being a graphic gesture that encourages us to imitate its powerful transformation and metaphorically, the wound goes from being a trace of darkness to being a window of light. 
The Kintsugi is silent and at the same time manifests everything. Only to trace a painful incident with gold dust is to accept it as a jewel, as great learning, a line of wisdom in our journey through life. Not all our wounds, nor ur mistakes are tragedies, if we assume hem, process them and accept them, we can become very wise and help others with ur experiences.  
My experience with Kintsugi:
If you already follow my Instagram account, probably you will remember my favourite craft cactus (I posted some photos a couple of months ago)
🌵It was amazing watching the evolution of one of my favourite cactus
BM Crafted cactus
🌵It bloomed around 8 of February
BM Bloomed Crafted Cactus
Around July I found the broken vase on the floor and I was devastated.
My first thought was not a good sign for me and my dreams .. and in 2 seconds I realise I need it to fix it. So I thought what can I do with the broken vase, the cactus was super happy and healthy in the white vase,
What can I do now? ...
And just there had  💡... an inspiration remembering what I learned in my wonderful trip.
I just come back from Japan {I went with my Latin lover Argentinian BF to celebrate my 34th birthday}
I just remembered the technique ... 
At first, I was about of get rid of the vase and buy a new one, but ... I knew I need to make Kintsugi "craft" happen.
BM Kintsugi Cactus
Kin = Golden
Tsugi = Rejoining

I believe art reflects life.

In life all, we get hammered and we all have to sit with our pieces and find a way to redefine wholeness looks liked to make something beautiful out of the life we have.
  In Japan, they make Kintsugi with a bowl and they hammered in purpose.
In the Practice they use:
1) A bowl
2) A cloth 
3) A hammer
4) Glue
5) Filling

1) The bowl represents me aspects of ourselves.

2) The cloth is the things that hold us. { could be the love of our mum or faith}.

3) The hammer is a teacher for us. {it can destroy but is also  used to build and bring things together}

NOW is the time to fix, and here is when you apply Mindfulness:

don't rush to fix it, fell it first, connect with it.

4) The glue is all about connection, the outcome of the chemical coming together, to hold the spare pieces.

Is a practise that talk about connection, not perfection, so healing happens in connection, not perfection.

5) Then comes the filling, first smoothing over the excess, what you don't need anymore.

The holes and cracks that you see in your bowl, can be a representation of lost, could be a space for information to come in or part of your story.

Every bowl has a story to tell, just like every person has a story to tell.

The gold is glory, is a celebration, is not about the colour in any way, is actually, a highlight, the gold is an opportunity to highlight the journey.

After a month I can say, fixing that vase hanged my life completely d for the good.

Be mindfully a believer and trust in your dreams.

Thank you so much for reading until the end.

Much much appreciate it.

Verónica, from Argentina.
The soul, mind and body of
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