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1 cube = 27 g

4 cubes = 107 g

 With any purchase of Soy Candle of Love, Inspire, Enjoy, Believe, Grateful, Simplicity or Power you can get 1 bag with 4 cube melts for $12.

Melt Range:

1) Love = Watermelon Lemonade, Red, Root Chakra ➜ Red Increases *Physical Energy *Spontaneity *Grounding *Stability *Passion *Vitality

 2) Inspire = White Tea and Mango, Orange, Sacral Chakra ➜ Orange Stimulates *Creativity *Productivity *Pleasure *Optimism *Enthusiasm *Emotional expression

3) Enjoy = Lime and Coconut, Yellow, Solar Plexus Chakra ➜ Yellow Increases *Fun *Humor *Lightness *Personal Power *intellect *Creativity

4) Believe = Sweet Lemongrass, Green, Heart Chakra ➜ Green Supports *Balance *Harmony *Communication *Social *Nature *Acceptance

5) Grateful = Fig and Melon, Blue, Throat Chakra ➜ Blue Increases *Calmness *Peace *Honesty *Kindness *Truth *Inner Peace

6) Simplicity = Black Raspberry Sugar, Indigo, Third Eye Chakra ➜ Indigo Increases *Communication *Hearing *Vibration *Self Expression *Listening *Speaking

7) Power = Violet and Vanilla Lace, Violet, Crown Chakra ➜ Violet Stimulates  *Intuition *Imagination *Universal Flow *Meditation *Artistic qualities

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