Dragon Incense and Cone Holder With Crystal Ball

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This intense and entrancing animal has been the motivation for endless books, poems, art and movies. The Dragon has been very much regarded in numerous societies and is either respected or enormously dreaded. The Dragon is one of the most powerful totems. Dragon has a diverse range of qualities, emotions and traits giving it a number of different meanings. Most often it carries a reminder of strength, courage and fortitude. Dragons are messengers of balance and magic. If the dragon has arrived in your life, it asks that you tap into your psychic nature and allow yourself to view the world through the eyes of wonder and mystery. 

Dragon Spirit Animal Meaning 
The dragon is the symbol of the primordial power. It is master of all elements: fire, water, air and earth. As a spirit guide, it makes a powerful ally in our daily life with its amazing restorative and potent qualities.
Below are common meanings associated with the Dragon spirit animal.

•Change •Transformation •Wisdom •Metaphysical •Knowledge •Beauty •Majesty •Inspiration •Infinity •Protection •Protection from outside energy •Leadership •Strength •Insight •Personal •Happiness

The Dragon ceramic incense holder is ideal when you need extra help from the outside world to fulfil your day at home and bring in you the peace you need, complete your day and fell in love with your life.
Size approx.: 20 cm x 19 cm x 10 cm

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