Rainbow with Heart 7 Chakra Bracelet

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One thing people don't realize is that your chakras can both be too opened or to closed. Leaving your chakras too open or vulnerable is just as unhealthy as having closed chakras. 
Online you can find a lot of questionnaires that can be determined if you have misaligned or closed chakra. Probably already you have an idea of what might need some adjustments. As you read the descriptions of the 7 main chakras below, be thinking about how they relate to you, using the colours of the bracelet and the tips below will make you align the 7 chakras and feel in balance.
How to align the 7 Chakras:
Root Chakra: located at the base of the spine, this chakra is all about being grounded and connected to the universe. Signs of a balanced Root Chakra included feeling grounded, having healthy kidneys, and lacking adrenal issues.
If you have a weak or overactive chakra, try a combination of these technique: *Apply myrrh or cedarwood essential oil to your wrists or lower back before going to sleep *Cook with cloves and marjoram *Meditate with the mantra Lam and Love Soy Candle *Yoga practice Positions: grounding into feet poses like mountain pose, side-angle pose, warrior pose, standing forward bend, and bridge pose.
Sacral Chakra: located just below the belly button, this chakra is related to sexuality, pleasure and emotions. Balanced chakra include healthy reproductive organs and sex hormones, feeling friendly and satisfied in life. Is also related to basic emotions. Aligning technique: *Apply jasmine and ylang slang essential oils first thing in the morning or at night *Meditate with the mantra Vam and Inspire Soy Candle. Yoga Practice positions to clear sacral chakra: Hip Opening posses like standing wide forward bend, sitting wide forward bend, bound angle pose, and supine bound angle pose.
Solar Plexus Chakra: Located above the naval, related to personal power, fears and anxiety. Balanced chakra include healthy digestive and adrenal glands. Aligning technique: *Apply rosemary, ginger or lemon essential oils to your wrist *Drink herbal, decaffeinated tea with lemon and ginger *Meditate with mantra Ram and Enjoy Soy Candle. Yoga Practice Positions: Heat building poses like sun salutation and warrior, backbends like bow and abdominal strengtheners like boat pose.
Heart Chakra: located in the chest, relates to love and compassion. Balanced Chakra: strong, healthy heart, immune system, endocrine system and good circulation. This chakra is incredibly sensitive to stress. Align Technique: *Apply rose, bergamot or thyme essential oils before starting your day to activate this chakra. *Meditate with the mantra Yam and Believe SOy Candle. Yoga Practice pose: Chest openers like camel, cobra and fish. Breathing exercises like deep breathing and alternate nostril breathing.
Throat Chakra: located in the throat, this chakra is about communication. balanced chakra healthy lungs and respiratory systems a stable thyroid hormone. Aligning technique: *Apply eucalyptus essential oil at bedtime. *Meditate with the mantra Ham and Grateful Soy Candle. Yoga Practice positions: Fish, lion and neck stretches and shoulders openers like supported shoulder stand, camel, bridge pose and plow pose. 
Third Eye Chakra: located between the eyebrows. Related to your intuition. Balanced Chakra: healthy eyes, head and an in-tune intuition, related with pineal gland, which secretes melatonin. It is thought that this means healthy, uninterrupted sleep can often be found by aligning your chakra. Aligning techniques: *Apply clary sage, bay or jasmine essential oils to activate the chakra. *Cook with bay leaves and mint. *Meditate with mantra Om and Simplicity Soy Candle. Yoga practice position: child's pose and seated yoga mudra.
Crown Chakra: located in the crown of the head, this chakra is about a connection to the spiritual. Balanced chakra: general blissful, feeling and healthy central nervous system. Align technique: *The best way is through meditation *There is no mantra, silence is suggested and Power Soy Candle *Adding outdoor walks into your routine *Apply sandalwood or lotus essential oils to activate this chakra. *Yoga practice pose: Balancing poses that bring awareness and consciousness like Tree and Eagle.

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