Tathāgata Mandala Hands

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The term Tathāgata is often thought to mean either "one who has thus gone" or "one who has thus come". This is interpreted as signifying that the Tathāgata is beyond all coming and going.

The Buddha is quoted on numerous occasions in the Pali Canon as referring to himself as the Tathāgata instead of using the pronouns me, I or myself.

This may be meant to emphasize by implication that the teaching is uttered by one who has transcended the human condition, one beyond the otherwise endless cycle of rebirth and death.

This Tathāgata Mandala Hands sculpture is ideal to meditate and find the strength to accept others and life as it is. 

Open and sharing hands brings you always the abundance in Life. 

You need to be insight sometimes in meditation like a caterpillar cancun, have your own space and time to become a colourful, strong and evoluptive butterfly.

If you add into your meditation one of our Soy Candle range you will also improve one of the 7 Chakras with the affirmation on it. 

Love, Inspire, Enjoy, Believe, Grateful, Simplicity and Power.

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