The Monk Incense and Cone holder

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This delightful Monk is one of our favourite incense holder. When we turn on an Incense or cone we feel already at peace just meditating and looking at this peaceful piece. 

Because when we're in meditation we like to organise and be surrounded by wonderful and beautiful pieces to inspire as to keep going in our busy day and just meditate. We're the type of people who are a bit distracted for the environment and the things going on around. We're really busy in our lives, like most of the people and because we like to be focus, calm the mind an meditate, we're always improving ways to shut up the mind and body and meditate or just turn an incense and relax, be calm for the rest of the day.

Our approach is to live and enjoy just for today but we need a bit of help sometimes. For us to go to a place to meditate, do Yoga or Reiki, so for that we think new ways to improve and make things happen. 

Just pick a room, put a blanket on the floor and put an incense in The Monk holder and unwind the mind. 

You will feel so calm and relax. At list take 30 minutes and be in silence, you don't need more.

Size: 8.2 cm x 12.4 cm